Reopening for Business, Risk Assessments and Coronavirus Update

Reopening for Business, Risk Assessments and Coronavirus Update

As we pass through and beyond the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, government guidance and information published by the RICS is such that we can now start to carry out Survey inspections in many circumstances after a six-week period of staying at home. We have now re-booked most outstanding Surveys and Valuations and we are very happy to receive new instructions going forwards.

Clearly there remains a risk when leaving home for any reason and we are proceeding in a cautious and vigilant way to protect all concerned.

All inspections are risk assessed and we shall be taking suitable safety precautions above and beyond the minimum required. The following points outline the basis of our risk assessment process.

  1. Vacant properties will be prioritised first for inspections.
  2. Care must be taken to avoid personal contact when collecting keys ie keys to be left in a ‘safe place’ to avoid direct contact.
  3. Properties occupied by a client will be inspected after vacant properties and the client will be asked to vacate during the Survey to avoid direct contact.
  4. Properties occupied by persons other than the client will be inspected next. The occupier will be asked to vacate during the inspection. If the occupier has concerns or objections the inspection will be postponed.
  5. Properties which are occupied by persons over 70, persons with underlying health conditions or symptoms of coronavirus or persons who are being shielded will not be inspected at present.
  6. PPE to be used during a survey inspection: high vis. jacket, mask / respirator, face visor (when a house is occupied), gloves, disposable shoe covers.
  7. Contamination from airborne matter will be reduced by opening windows and doors of an occupied property.
  8. Contamination from hard surfaces is a problem and steps will be taken to minimise physical contact where possible. PPE will reduce any transmission risk however sterilisation of equipment will be undertaken where necessary.
  9. Equipment will be kept outside where practicable to do so.
  10. Hands and gloves will be washed before, after and during the inspection at regular intervals.
  11. Social distancing to be observed at all times.
  12. Food or drink to be consumed only before or after the inspection.

We are looking forward to resuming Survey inspections and would like to thank all clients and homeowners for their patience and understanding during this difficult period.

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