Surveying During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Surveying During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have taken the decision not to continue to carry out Survey inspections in the coming weeks. This decision will be reviewed on or before 14th April, just after the Easter break, after which time we hope to reschedule outstanding Surveys as soon as possible.

Although published guidance is not explicit and does not, at the time of writing, preclude tradesmen visiting domestic / residential property, we do not feel that it is right or fair to increase the risk to ourselves, and more importantly to homeowners or their families. Risks can be minimised by taking suitable precautions but a Surveyor travelling from one property to another clearly could spread the virus.

We believe this decision is in accordance with RICS guidance on ethics which emphasises the need to prioritise the interests of the clients, home-owners and the general public above monetary gain.

Thanks to all concerned for the patience and understanding shown in this difficult time.

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