Our most detailed survey

Previously known as a Full Structural Survey, the Building Survey is the most detailed report we provide. The cost of a Building Survey normally starts at £600 (VAT is payable at the current rate) for a smaller terraced house or three bedroom semi-detached house of up to £250,000 in value.

We will examine closely the structure and condition of all accessible elements of the property providing comment upon the nature of the construction materials and maintenance requirements in the short, medium and long term. Of particular importance are matters relating to dampness, timber defects and structural movement.

The inspection includes an examination of the service installations (heating, drainage, electrical systems etc) but no formal tests are carried out. There is a new section detailing risks to Health and Safety and Security.

Building Surveys usually include approximately 50 photographs and we allow time for discussions before and after the inspection. If it is of particular interest, the report can include extra advice on energy efficiency or any prospective plans you may have, such as a loft conversion.

For the RICS Description of the Building Survey, please click here.

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