Damp & Specific Defect Reports

Specific Defects

A specific defect report concentrates on one or more particular defects which have been specified by the client, for example, a damp problem or a defective roof covering. The report will cover the cause of the defect and suggest remedial works covered in similar detail to a Building Survey and with photographs.

This type of report is normally produced where a particular defect has been highlighted within a more basic report or possibly to gain an independent view before obtaining builder’s estimates.

Damp Reports

Problems of dampness can often be solved through good maintenance without the need to rely upon internal tanking or silicon injection damp-proof courses which often conceal the effects of dampness instead of addressing the cause. Dampness is often caused by high external ground levels, inadequate sub-floor ventilation, condensation and defects relating to window openings or wall finishes. Our reports on dampness focus on the causes and are independent of commercial interest.

If parts of a property are below ground level then some form of tanking will be necessary. We can advise upon the types of system available and recommend reliable contractors.

Snagging Lists

A snagging list is produced on newly built properties when they reach the point referred to as ‘practical completion’. The report will list all the items which have either been overlooked, inadequately completed or are in some other way defective. The report is then passed to the contractor to be completed before the property is officially handed over.

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