Help to Buy valuations – Lenvi has replaced Target HCA

In June 2023 the Government announced that Lenvi had taken over from Target HCA in the administering of the Help to Buy scheme on behalf of Homes England.  

Lenvi (previously Equiniti Gateway Services) is a private company who have been appointed by the Government to administer the Help to Buy Equity loan scheme.  Lenvi will now be managing the service for the following housing schemes:

  • Help to Buy
  • FirstBuy
  • HomeBuy Direct
  • First Time Buyers Initiative
  • Armed Forces Home Ownership Scheme

If you bought your home with a loan from the Help to Buy scheme then you may decide to repay your equity loan or sell your property.  To do this you are required to have an independent Help to Buy valuation report to help them accurately calculate the amount repayable as a proportion of your property’s current market value.  

We are qualified to undertake these valuations and provide the necessary report.  We operate in Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas and meet all the Help to Buy valuation requirements, so you can be confident our reports will be accepted.

We understand from our customers that the changeover of companies is causing a backlog of work and Lenvi are taking longer than usual to respond to customers.  Please be aware of this when booking in a valuation or sending Homes England paperwork in relation to your sale or repayment.

You can contact your equity loan administrator via:

Homes England, PO Box 5262, Lancing, BN99 9HE


Tel: 0300 123 4123