A Positive Start To 2024

The property market in Bristol and Bath held up well in 2023 despite political and economic uncertainty. Whilst it is true that the volume of transactions in the property market fell as compared to 2021 and 2023 we as a firm have been consistently busy and we have not experienced the significant falls in property prices that were predicted by some commentators.

Indeed, Land Registry data indicates a slight increase in the value of some types of property in some areas. In reality there have been fluctuations due to seasonal factors and general market sentiment.

Going forward we might see interest rates falling later in 2024 and already many lenders are offering more competitive mortgage products. This will make buying a new home a little more affordable and with inflation seemingly under control and predicted falls in gas and electricity prices there are grounds for cautious optimism.

At the time of writing we are booking Surveys for three weeks in advance. Many thanks to all our clients who have been prepared to wait a few weeks for their Survey to be carried out.

Thanks also for all the positive testimonials that have been received. Emma and I put in long hours of hard work to produce the best reports we can and the feedback we receive, positive testimonials and recommendations makes it wall worth while.