Bristol’s Clean Air Zone – what and when?

Bristol’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) will come into force on 28th November 2022.

The aim is to improve air quality.

Poor air quality contributes to numerous adverse health outcomes and economic costs estimated to be around £83m in the Bristol area alone.

Non-compliant cars will be charged £9 per day to enter the CAZ which is shown below.

Consideration needs to be given to the impact of the CAZ on the Value of property in the area and in also in areas around. It is likely that there will be some positive and some negative impacts on the Value of houses and flats. Residents in the CAZ will benefit from better air quality but they may need to invest in a more modern car or accept the daily charge. Roads around the CAZ may see increased levels of vehicle traffic.

As a company we have for many years tried to minimise our carbon footprint and whilst we are still reliant on the use of a car for almost all Home Survey and Valuation appointments our current vehicle is efficient in its use of fuel and emits relatively low levels of carbon dioxide.

Bristol's Clean Air Zone
Bristol’s Clean Air Zone