Flats – Surveys and Management

It is often felt that having a Survey carried out when buying a flat is an unnecessary expense. Certainly it is true that you will probably be liable for only a share of the cost of external maintenance but in a typical Listed Georgian building this could, over time, easily amount to £5,000 – £10,000 or more for each flat owner.

It is essential to be sure that the management of the building is satisfactory in order to protect your investment, to avoid conflict and also for health and safety reasons.

When undertaking a Building Survey of a flat in a typical Georgian or Victorian building we shall do our best cover the shared external parts including chimneys, rainwater fittings, roof coverings and roof structure. We shall also undertake a review of the shared elements of the building including the hall, fire safety precautions, escape lighting, signage etc.

Self-managed blocks can suffer if the owners do not have the necessary expertise or time to properly manage the building. The HSE has provided a useful Management and Risk Assessment Checklist which can be obtained by following the link below.

Risk Assessment for Flats