Solid Fuel Stoves

Solid fuel stoves are an attractive and popular addition to a home.

The video clip below outlines some of the points a Chartered Surveyor would be looking for when carrying out a survey inspection of a house with a solid fuel appliance.

The most important point is to ascertain whether the appliance has been fitted by a HETAS approved installer or with Building Control approval. If so a Notice Plate should be displayed in the property.

There a some important safety points that a home survey will consider:

1. The condition of the flue and whether it been fully lined.
2. The condition of the register plate (if present) and possible asbestos materials
3. Is there adequate ventilation and a smoke alarm?
4. Is the hearth construction compliant with Part J of the Building Regulations?
5. Is the property in a Smoke Control Zone and if so is it an ‘approved appliance’?

Please click here to access the DEFRA page listing the appliances approved for use in a Smoke Control Zone.

Please click here to view detailed advice produced by Hertfordshire Building Control Technical Forum about installing solid fuel stoves.

Please click here to see Part J of the Building Regulations.