Energy Efficiency

If reducing your household energy bills is important to you we are happy to provide useful advice as part of our Building Survey report at no extra cost.

Most people are familiar with loft and cavity wall insulation and maybe also replacing an old boiler (65% efficient) with a new one (90% efficient). There are however some other very cost effective measures that you can easily take, for example draft proofing. It is usually possible to install a zoned heating system so that bedrooms for example can have independent thermostats and timers to the living rooms.

If you have a water meter a new water-efficient shower head costing £50 (see  http://www.nordicecoshower.co.uk ) can often halve the amount of water you use and halve the cost of energy used for heating the water. Depending upon usage this can lead to savings of several hundred pounds per year, likley more than installing solar water heating.

As a company we try to minimise our own costs and impact on the environment. The vast majority of our stationary is recycled and our relativley low emission vehicles use less fuel and and attract lower tax.