Purchasing a Listed Property

As experienced historic building surveyors, we are able to give professional advice on listed properties when carrying out a Building Survey and also suggest the best way of undertaking any remedial work required which is in sympathy with an old building. As a listed property requires special care and attention, we will be able to provide relevant advice on maintaining and preserving the building.

There are several important points for clients to note though when purchasing a listed property. A common mistake is that the grading tells you how much of the house is listed. This is incorrect as all the building is listed including both inside and outside, plus the area around the building is also protected.

Before you purchase the property, you must ensure that all work in the past had planning permission. Carrying out unauthorised works to a listed building is a criminal offence and individuals can be prosecuted. Therefore you may be deemed responsible for any infringements of previous owners of the property and the Local Authority has the right to insist that works undertaken without consent are reversed.

Your Solicitor should advise you on how Listed Building Consent affects the purchase of the property. Usually the vendor has to indemnify the purchaser against any potential infringements if insufficient evidence can be produced of compliance.