Pre-sale Surveys and Maintenance Surveys

We have had requests from two clients in the past week to carry out pre-sale Survey inspections.

In both instances the clients were keen to address any maintenance issues before advertising the property for sale.

The aim, similar to that of the long-forgotton Home Condition Report which was originally going to form part of the Home Information Pack, is to help ensure a swift and problem-free transaction when a buyer was found.

Not only can we help advice on maintenance issues but we can detail what documentation will be expected to be made available.

Most vendors will now accept that a current GSR Safety Certifcate and maintenance history is required for the main heating system. Current documentation for a gas fire and any gas hob or oven will be requested together with proof of a recent electrical safety test. Similarly if you have a solid fuel stove or an open fire a HETAS report confirming flue condition and compliance of the installation will remove one more potential problem.

Building Regulation Completion Certifcates are required for not just extensions but for works such as re-framing of a roof or recovering of a roof using heavier materials.

If you are considering selling your house and would like further advice on a pre-sale survey inspection please call us on 0845 4786305.